“Künstliche Intelligenz – Wo stehen deutsche Startups?” focusing on German AI startups

Today the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. in cooperation with Hubraum - Tech Inkubator der Deutschen Telekom released the report “Künstliche Intelligenz – Wo stehen deutsche Startups?” focusing on German AI startups and the ecosystem around.

Key findings:

Artificial intelligence and startups: The technology has a clear impact on 40% of German startups business models. AI startups can be found primarily in strong ecosystems like Berlin and Munich with excellent access to talent and capital.

Close connection to the established economy: 73.9% of AI startups in Germany enter into collaborations with established companies, which is significantly more than the general average (67.1%). The relevance of innovative AI technologies for medium-sized companies and corporations also have a strong focus on that Business-to-business (B2B) noticeable.

Catch-up potential compared to top AI ecosystems: In comparison The German AI landscape still has a lot of catching up to do on best practice Israel. This applies to both the number of AI startups and also for investments - 30 times the amount of capital per capita is invested in AI startups in Israel.

AI needs science: Almost 70% of AI startups currently cooperate with science departments - the average value for German startups is at only 54.6%.

R&D strengths are not being sufficiently exploited: Germany's strength in AI research is a real advantage for that Startup ecosystem. However, this potential is not yet sufficiently translated into business practice.

Many blind spots: In contrast to Israel German AI startups do not yet cover the whole range of relevant industries.

Women strongly underrepresented: The proportion of female founders in the AI ​​sector is only 10%, which is once again significantly lower than in the German startup ecosystem as a whole (15.7%). Because of this clear deficit only one fraction of existing talent is used.

Ethics not without practice: The subject of ethics and the limits of the use of AI plays an important role for the startup ecosystem in Germany. Above all, startups advocate an objectification of the debate and a greater focus on concrete fields of application.

Have a look at the report here:

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